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At Phoenix, we’re always looking to hire talented, ambitious, high-achieving, fun individuals! People who are as excited as we are about Phoenix’s “no holds barred” future and the part they can play in it. So, it really comes down to one simple question - why us

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We Know What We’re Talking About!

Our senior management team represent qualified professionals in their space - e.g. accountant, lawyer - or have worked in global advisory firms. 

This gives us immediate buy-in with both clients (we understand their organisation, we know the type of person who works well there - we once were that person!) and candidates (we understand their role, the highs and lows, and what their career path could look like). And in today’s competitive, candidate-driven market, this buy-in is simply priceless. 

We are also passionate about sharing the value of our hands-on experience with our colleagues to ensure they also attract and continue to build a portfolio of top tier clients and candidates - and ultimately make placements!


We’re Not Afraid To Push Boundaries

Industry-leading partnerships with Ireland’s leading national financial media groups; investment in cutting-edge technologies and digital initiatives, and novel, bespoke solutions for our partners - it’s not a cliché - at Phoenix, we’re not afraid to think outside the box and do things differently. 

A unique level of entrepreneurship and autonomy is not only supported, but actively encouraged at Phoenix from the top down. You can genuinely grow with us and plough your own furrow. No idea, big or small, is shot down and you’re free to use your creativity to stand out from the crowd. We don’t pay lip service to an open-door policy and communication really is key to helping our team succeed.

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The Possibilities Are Endless...

Growth mode + a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, supportive environment = an unrivalled career trajectory that competitors simply can’t offer. 

Maybe you are an experienced recruiter who wants to build and scale a team in a niche area you know will yield results. Perhaps you are a top biller who wants the right platform and support to take your billings to the next level. Or maybe you are a career changer (like many of our team) who wants to build a successful recruitment career in a professional, high-achieving, supportive environment. At Phoenix, the possibilities and opportunities truly are endless for the right person.


It’s A Family Affair

The reality is that work makes up such a huge part of your life that we’re not just colleagues at Phoenix - we are a #PhoenixFamily!

Our space is a supportive place where our people are happy to walk/run/cycle (whatever works for you!) into the office every day, or work remotely if needs be. 

From an award-winning barista serving complimentary coffees, to breakfast mornings and sushi evenings, lunchtime exercise and wellness classes, pool, massages or even getting your nails done - the list goes on! - it's all in the centre of Dublin surrounded by some of the city’s coolest cafés, restaurants and bars.

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