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Functional Practices

Welcome to Phoenix Search, where exceptional leadership begins. Our specialized practice areas are designed to elevate organizational success through strategic executive placements. From Financial Officers to Cybersecurity Experts, our tailored search processes connect top-tier talent with leading global companies. Explore our dedicated sections to discover how Phoenix Search empowers your industry with visionary leaders and innovative solutions.

Financial Officers

At Phoenix Search, our Financial Officers practice specializes in recruiting top-tier financial leadership, including roles extending to three levels below the CFO. We focus on sourcing candidates who combine strategic financial acumen with the operational expertise necessary to drive corporate growth and enhance shareholder value. Our approach integrates deep industry knowledge with a personalized strategy to match financial leaders who can navigate complex markets and regulatory environments. LEARN MORE


Our Legal practice caters to both private practice and in-house needs, delivering tailored search solutions across various legal disciplines. We understand the nuances of legal expertise required by today's dynamic business environments and work closely with clients to place legal professionals who not only meet but exceed these demands. From corporate counsel to full legal teams, our candidates are vetted to bring both legal prowess and strategic insight to your organization. LEARN MORE

Risk & Compliance

Led by our seasoned specialists Matt, Ruth, and Sami, our Risk & Compliance practice area is dedicated to identifying leaders who excel in establishing robust compliance frameworks and managing enterprise risks. Our experts ensure that candidates have the necessary skills to foster an environment of compliance while dynamically responding to global regulatory changes and challenges. LEARN MORE

Corporate Finance & Private Equity

Our Corporate Finance and Private Equity practice focuses on recruiting individuals who can guide significant organizational changes and implement growth strategies effectively. Addressing the unique challenges of private equity, venture capital, and investment firms, our searches target individuals who navigate complex investment landscapes with foresight and precision, driving value creation across portfolios. LEARN MORE


In the rapidly evolving sectors of Technology, our practice is geared towards placing top-tier executives who lead the charge in protecting assets and spearheading technological innovations. Our candidates are forward-thinking leaders who anticipate cybersecurity challenges and drive technological advancement to keep your organization ahead of digital threats. LEARN MORE

Operational Leadership

The Operational Leadership practice at Phoenix Search is focused on sourcing executives who can significantly enhance operational efficiencies. Our candidates are adept at optimizing processes, reducing costs, and improving service outcomes across various industries. They bring proven expertise in managing complex operations and delivering results that align with strategic business goals. LEARN MORE

Board Appointments & Advisors

Our Board Appointments & Advisors practice specializes in placing distinguished individuals in governance roles who bring exceptional expertise and oversight to your organization. We understand the critical impact of effective board leadership on corporate governance and strategic direction, and we provide access to individuals who offer not just oversight but visionary leadership and strategic guidance. LEARN MORE