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Corporate Finance & Private Equity

Corporate Finance, Investment Banking & Private Equity at Phoenix Search

Driving Financial Innovation and Strategic Investment

Phoenix Search is a premier provider of executive search services within the Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, and Private Equity sectors. Our specialized practice is dedicated to identifying and placing leaders who drive innovation, manage complex financial structures, and lead strategic investments effectively.

Expertise in High-Stakes Financial Sectors

Our search strategy is deeply rooted in an understanding of the nuanced dynamics of these high-stakes industries. We specialize in recruiting top-tier talent for roles that range from high-level strategic positions in established financial institutions to pivotal roles in boutique investment firms and private equity ventures. Our candidates are selected for their ability to navigate rapidly changing markets, manage significant financial transactions, and drive substantial growth.

Tailored Leadership for Maximum Impact

Each search is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a perfect alignment between the executive’s expertise and the strategic goals of the organization. We place a strong emphasis on candidates who not only excel in financial management but also embody leadership qualities that foster team cohesion and drive innovative solutions.

Discover how Phoenix Search can connect your organization with financial leaders who are not just adept at handling numbers but are true visionaries in the financial sector.


TMT Partner - Global Investment Bank - Paris

Managing Director - M&A Advisory - Ireland

VP Digital Infrastructure - Boutique Independent Investment Bank - London

Investment Director - Pan European Fund - Ireland

Managing Director Valuations - Globla Top 5 Firm - Chicago, USA

M&A Vice President - Boutique Global Investment Bank - London

Private Equity Partner - UK Mid Market Advisory - London

CFO/COO - Private Equity Fund - Europe

COO - Global Advisory Firm - UK