Working With A Recruitment Agency: The Benefits

15 November 2022

By Holly Cussen

Working With A Recruitment Agency: The Benefits

Competition is always fierce when it comes to job offers and roles. Having the necessary preparation and support when trying to get a role is a key way to set yourself up for success. Working with a recruitment agency can help you to do this. There are many benefits to working with a recruitment agency: 

  • They will have vast networks

  • Be able to guide you through the industry process

  • Find the role which is right for you 

  • They will give you invaluable career advice and market information

  • They keep you on file to check in from time to time to see how your career is progressing

The following tips can help you to maximise your potential when working with a recruitment agency, allowing you to create a positive relationship and gain the most from the partnership. 

  1. Identifying your goals 

  2. Updating your CV regularly, emphasising your accomplishments

  3. Be open to constructive criticism

  4. Keep track of your progress and submissions 

  5. Stay in touch with your recruiter throughout the whole recruitment process 

  6. Be honest about other job opportunities

At Phoenix, a major priority for us to give all our candidates the best opportunity to gain the role which is right for them. We do this by creating a clear recruitment process which is professional, innovative and collaborative. 

We are also always in constant pursuit of high performance and we consistently improve our services so they are tailored to the wants and needs of our candidates. 

Get in touch today at for a confidential chat. 

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