Meet Liam at Phoenix

12 May 2021

By Ed Rossiter

Meet Liam at Phoenix

1.   You recently graduated from Trinity, what course did you do there?

 I did a 2-year full time course for students with intellectual disabilities called Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice.


The course is a level 5 certificate and includes modules on Art, Poetry, Health Science, Entrepreneurship and Disability and Marketing.


2.   What did you like most about your time in Trinity? 

I enjoyed meeting my new classmates and I enjoyed working with the course lecturers. I also enjoyed learning new subjects and getting new skills like time management and communication.

 3.   Tell us about the projects you completed in your course in Trinity? 

 I completed a project for the SCI-FEST to find out what is the best distance needed on a soccer pitch to score a goal. I picked this project because soccer is one of my favourite sports. My mentor from Abbott Ireland was Ben and it was great fun to work with him.

We went to an outdoor football pitch in Trinity and Ben took photographs of me taking shots at him in goal and l really enjoyed doing this project with Ben.

I also completed a project for the marketing module where I worked as part of a team to look at companies that use people with disabilities in their advertisements. My team picked McDonnel’s because they often use people with disabilities in their advertisements. 

 4.   Where are you from, where did you go to school? 

I am from Dublin. I went to school at St. John Bosco’s school on the Navan road and then I had to go to a special school called Holy Angles in Chapelizod near the Phoenix Park for people with disabilities.


5.   What’s your favourite sport and what teams do you support? 

My favourite sport is soccer because I have been playing with the Special Olympics Sports club 15 for the last 10 years. I really enjoy playing with the club. We haven’t played a match for the past year because of COVID-19 but we still do some online training on ZOOM every week.

 I have always supported Man United. They are playing really well this season and I hope they can win the Europa cup.


6.   Favourite footballer and why? 

My favourite footballer  is  Bruno Fernandes  because  he is a  very good player who scores a lot of goals and helps the team out .

 7.   What’s your favourite TV programme? 

My favourite TV programme is Mrs Brown’s Boys  because  Brendan o Carroll is a very good actor  and a very funny and famous guy.


8.What are you most looking forward to working with Phoenix?

 I am looking forward to meeting new people and using some of the skills that l learned in college and find out what it is like to work in an office.

 Hopefully I will be able to visit the office and meet everyone when everything is back to normal.


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