2020 Wrap Up

22 December 2020


2020 Wrap Up

2020 was an unforeseen year for all and with that, it taught us a lot of valuable lessons here at Phoenix. It forced us to adapt new strategies and practices which have enabled us to achieve significant growth as a business and in that respect, we are very fortunate.

Working From Home: How we adapted

We know that 2020 brought various challenges for businesses across the globe. Even amidst the challenge of remote working, our Phoenix Family has adapted exceptionally to these new conditions.

Going into 2021, we are excited to be implementing flexible working and have shared some of our strategies below.

  • Communicate Regularly: Even a 15 minute catch-up with your team will make a huge difference and keep you connected whilst you’re not at the office

  • Technology: Equip your team with the best tools and technology for productivity. Apps like Asana and Monday are great for project management

  • Reporting: Collaboration is key here. Create one central reporting system that each team member can feed into regulaury

  • Team building: We mightn’t be in the office but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun over a VR game or some remote improv classes

We continued our TalentTalks Podcast in Partnership with The Business Post.

2020 was filled with meaningful and interesting conversations with incredible people and we are so delighted we could document it all on our Talent Talks podcast chaired by the incredible Elaine O’Regan.

We covered numerous topics from Employee Engagement & Wellness to Brexit and learnt a huge amount from our guests.We look forward to having more of these insightful conversations in the New Year. Have your pick of an episode below:

Getting Ready for Brexit

Mental Health in the Workplace

Recover and Rebuild

Employment Law

Diversity and Inclusion

Women in Leadership

Employee Engagement and Wellness

Winning the War for Talent

How Professional Services will change post-Covid

The world of professional services has seen a dramatic shift throughout 2020; we have seen this first hand with our clients. Professional services organisations have had to adapt due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken by companies in order to stop the spread of the virus have been effective and inspiring. Phoenix U.K.’s Managing Partner, Emir Allen, listened to this interesting podcast by the Enterprise Times and compiled a blog summarising the key takeaways. Check out the full blog here

Did you know - a recent survey completed by Phoenix with over 1000 Professional Services leaders highlighted ‘new business development’ as the key challenge moving into 2021.

We opened our London office

This year we launched our London office headed up by the incredible Emir Allen who is our Managing Partner for Phoenix U.K. We are really looking forward to expanding our reach across Ireland and now the U.K. Emir Allen is doing incredible work and it is a pleasure to be working alongside him with our operations across the pond.

Whilst 2020 wasn’t the year that anyone had planned for, it taught us a massive amount and we’re very grateful for that. We would like to thank our clients, partners and friends for all the support we received throughout 2020. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

See you in 2021.

Ruth, Ed and everyone at Phoenix

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