Video Call Interview Tips

25 March 2020

By Orlaith O Mahony

Video Call Interview Tips

​A Video Call Interview may be daunting for anyone who does not have prior interview experience via this medium whether it’s Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Here are a number of tips that can help to calm the nerves and assist you throughout the whole interview process in order to excel.

Preparation. Research the company to gain insight into any recent Acquisition, Mergers, Awards, CSR initiatives. Showcase your interest in this company and explain why you are so interested in this position. Have a list of insightful questions ready to ask and ensure that you are prepared for any questions that may be passed your way regarding your experience and CV. It can be useful to share your number with the interview host prior, in case any technical difficulties arise. Ensure that you have connected via Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom prior to the interview itself. The photo used for your account should ideally be one that you are happy with a potential employer seeing (LinkedIn Profile picture can be a good call). It is always useful to have your CV close by with key points highlighted along with a pen and paper to make any additional notes provided by the interview host.

Practice Makes Perfect. For a lot of us, this may be the first Video Call interview we have attended in years. Try practice Video calling with friends or family prior to the interview itself to build up confidence in communicating via this medium. Practice helps to identify any potential problems that may arise i.e. where the best Wifi connection is, what level your laptop should be at (preferably eye level reaching the camera), your surroundings etc. It is important to have a background that is not distracting, Skype and Google Hangouts provide the option to blur the background which can be very useful for some.

Interaction.Before you start the interview, make sure that the interview host can both see and hear you properly. Actively engage with the interview host, nod and smile to reassure them that you are listening, maintain good body language and posture throughout the interview, and stay fully engaged.

Showcase your Ability. In an interview, you are demonstrating your ability and showing the interviewer why you would be the best person for this role. Don't be shy about your achievements. Be confident about your ability and skills in this particular area, you were chosen for this interview for a reason.

Notes. Sticky notes can be ideal in a Video Call interview scenario. Having key words written on notes placed either above or beside the camera can be useful rather than looking down and losing eye contact with the interview host. Interviews can be daunting and certain aspects can be easy to forget so having a look at keywords is perfectly understandable, just try not to write out long sentences as you don't want to rely on these too much. It is always a good idea to have the Interviewers name written down and easily accessible.

Interruptions. If you are living with others, ensure to make them aware of your interview to avoid interruptions of any kind. If any technical difficulties arise, make sure to let the interviewer host know straight away as sometimes these are inevitable.

Dress the Part. Although it may feel strange to be dressed in your best in your chosen room, it is important to treat this as you would a Face to Face interview. Present yourself as you would for any other interview. It may be tempting to wear your PJ pants, or Sweatpants on the bottom but maybe best to avoid this if for whatever reason you will have to adjust the camera etc.

Breathe. Remember to breathe and relax, you were chosen for this interview for a reason, so make sure to be confident in your own ability.

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