Phoenix Industry Insights - how the talent acquisition industry is evolving

21 January 2020


Phoenix Industry Insights - how the talent acquisition industry is evolving
As part of our video series introducing our team and why clients and candidates choose Phoenix, we're proud to show how the talent acquisition industry is evolving in a new decade.

Firstly, #PhoenixFamilyFounder and Managing Partner Ed Rossiter, who specialises in hiring mid to senior level finance professionals for professional services, private equity and advisory, aviation leasing, technology, industrial and consumer organisations, discusses how digital has changed recruitment. "From the talent attraction perspective, LinkedIn has completely transformed the industry. It doesn't mean, though, that just because you can see them you can access them and that's where a lot of our clients struggle to access the right talent. Built up over the last eight years of experience within that market, we have access to that talent. The best companies that are attracting top-tier talent are taking a recruitment marketing approach, deciding to put faces in front of the brand names to make it more personable."

Managing Partner Ruth Lyndon, a Big 5 trained Solicitor who is responsible for Phoenix’s Legal and Compliance recruitment service offering, outlines the biggest challenges facing clients and candidates. "The biggest challenge for clients is attracting and retaining good talent. It's getting harder and harder, particularly in certain areas, so they're having to think outside the box and work that bit harder. For candidates, it's the challenge of trying to achieve your professional goals and career path with your work/life balance. Definitely an area that clients are focusing more and more on is on agile working and wellness initiatives, etc."

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