New Year, New Career? Phoenix's 5 Tips For Success

08 January 2020


New Year, New Career? Phoenix's 5 Tips For Success
Forget New Year's resolutions that are often more of a strain than a motivator - one thing you have total control over now is your career trajectory. Are you happy where you are, or is it time for a fresh start?

Research shows that over half the workforce looks to change something about their career in the New Year, whether that be moving company, industry or location. This dramatic shift over the past decade means employees are no longer looking for jobs for life - often prioritising purpose over profit.

Phoenix Marketing & Communications Manager Rachel Healy said; “The opportunities available for candidates now didn't even exist ten years ago! Huge advances in technology means it's possible for people to earn a living from their phone or computer, work from anywhere in the world, and collaborate on a local and global scale all at the same time. It also means employees are measured by their skills and talent, which should be most important for clients. But a greater number want to be part of a company culture that has purpose and stands for something bigger than itself, so this is something to take into careful consideration.”

Here are Phoenix's 5 questions to ask yourself to help take your career to the next level:
  1. Why do you want a new job? Before you start the process, think about the pros and cons of your current position. Do you feel unfulfilled, either in culture fit or in your skills not being maximised? Try not to make a fear-based decision. Here's further tips from Phoenix Founder and Managing Partner Ed Rossiter on Fear and Confidence - The Balancing Act.

  2. What are your unique skills? Think about how you can best utilise your skills and experience, whether you're thinking about going for a promotion or looking for something new. Maybe you're returning to work after working hard as a stay at home mum? Your time management and multi-tasking skills speak for themselves! Or if you spend your spare time volunteering, don’t forget to note down your commitment and organisational skills, which could align your personal needs with a company's Corporate Social Responsibility.

  3. What's your ideal position? It’s important to be realistic about any new work and to think very carefully about what you want from your career. If you want a job that will give you a good work/life balance and allow you to earn a better wage, perhaps you need to consider retraining or upskilling. Create your vision board and strategise to make it happen.

  4. Does your personal brand need updating? Has your LinkedIn profile gone untouched for months or even years? Do you have a dormant Twitter account, or lack a social media presence altogether? Your personal brand is the unique combination of skills and experience that will make you stand out to any potential new employer and is becoming more important than ever before. By effectively managing your online profile, you control your reputation and what differentiates you from the competition. Read The Modern-Day First Impression - LinkedIn vs CV for more top tips.

  5. Do you need expert help? When you’re considering any career change, it’s helpful to speak to professionals who can provide the best advice and opportunities. Our Consultants are on hand for a confidential consultation to guide you.

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