Meet Phoenix Manager, Professional Services, Nicholas Killeen, ACCA

22 November 2019


Meet Phoenix Manager, Professional Services, Nicholas Killeen, ACCA
At Phoenix, we firmly believe that recruitment is a professional service - consultative, professional, value-add and solutions-focused.

Our search consultants are experts in professional services careers - many of whom are professionally qualified and have worked in global advisory firms. So, why choose Phoenix? Meet our Phoenix Family to find out more...

1. Tell us a bit about yourself - what's your background?

I'm originally from Cheshire, just outside Manchester. I studied Sport Science at college with a view to moving into either sport physiotherapy or psychology, but I didn’t feel there was a clear enough career in either, so I went to Manchester Metropolitan University to study Accountancy and Finance.

I then began a career in accountancy as a Senior Accountant of a global recruitment firm and completed my ACCA designation in 2010.

In 2012, I emigrated to Vancouver and began a career in senior level finance recruitment, where I grew a large international network.

I relocated to Ireland this year for a new challenge and now focus on all areas of professional services in the UK, Ireland and North America.

2. Why professional services recruitment?

Ultimately, I enjoy working with people.

From a client perspective, I enjoy learning about different businesses and entrepreneurs, from their operations, structure and culture - what makes them tick.

From a candidate perspective, I enjoy learning about their background and achievements, to understand what motivates them. 

My extensive knowledge of the market gives me the ability to help any company grow with the right talent, and help the talent grow within their goals.​

3. What makes the #PhoenixFamily different?

Our mentality.

We collaborate as a team, we think long-term, we build relationships and we listen. We’re all on the same page trying to achieve the same goal.

What differentiates us is that our consultants also have a professional background in their area of focus.

4. What do you consider your biggest achievement to date?

Emigrating from the UK to Canada and now Ireland. I always wanted to work abroad and embrace new cultures, which I've achieved, building successful recruitment networks from scratch and becoming the go-to consultant in professional services recruitment. 

5. What's the best piece of advice you've been given that you share with our #PhoenixPeople?

Probably two things. The first is the ability to listen - you’ll be surprised how many people aren’t very good at it!

The second is respect - I treat everyone the same, regardless of who they are or their title.

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