The Reason Why 64% of Professionals Will Leave Their Job

18 September 2019


The Reason Why 64% of Professionals Will Leave Their Job

​In an incredibly tight and competitive market for talent, companies have had to turn the focus onto their own culture, benefit structure and even amenities in an attempt to not only attract the best people BUT, more importantly, to keep their star performers in the business.

In a recent study completed by HR tech platform, Hibob, over 60% of individuals who left their job point back to the following reasons for leaving the company. 

For many, the initial onboarding process was a big issue, with the job description not aligning with the reality and/or the culture being described as something different to what they experienced in the initial few weeks of their role.

The study showed the following:
  • More than 25% of employees say that they didn’t receive enough information about their job before accepting the offer.

  • Only 40% of employees say that their current job completely reflects how the position was described during the interview process.

  • About 33% of people "dread" adapting to office politics more than learning protocol or filling out paperwork.

  • About half (49%) of employees believe the best way to get acclimated to a new job is by making friends in the workplace organically, as opposed to being paired with someone for orientation.

In our experience, companies are often left dumbfounded by why an individual leaves. The interesting part of these findings is that, when coupled with an incredibly competitive talent landscape, companies are forced to create better work environments to entice employees to stay. With so much of our life taken up by work, we think it’s time companies take action and improve the overall experience for professionals at every level.

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