Key Employment Trends: The Power of Fringe Benefits

15 April 2019


Key Employment Trends: The Power of Fringe Benefits

​In a general sense, the employment market is in a strong place. Consistent IDA announcements & projected headcount growth in the indigenous markets all make for great reading. The real impact of Brexit awaits us all but we are yet to see a slow down in demand for talent because of it. However, this positive momentum brings its own challenges within the talent market.

Recruitment definitely remains high on the agenda for most businesses with the majority of companies expecting to expand this year. Although expansion is always a promising sign to see, the retention of key staff is a growing concern for many companies across the country, making strategic recruitment planning essential for companies this year.

Interestingly, the conversation from job seekers has also changed regarding benefits, with more people asking about work flexibility, remote working ability, corporate wellness programmes and fully funded education allowances.

We have seen some progressive changes in this space, with more companies realising that there can be as many as 5 different generations working under the same roof and all looking for different benefits. Some companies have shifted towards an "A la Carte" menu of benefits for employees to choose from. Male paternity leave is also something that has been a big focus recently - the likes Diageo now offering full paternity leave to male employees, this could be a big area for growth as less than 10% of companies offer more than the statutory 2 weeks.

These benefits can be the key differentiator between keeping or securing key talent for your business. If you'd like to get a better insight or if you need assistance in building a better offering, get in touch.

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