Video Interview Automation - A Step Forward or a Sign of Disinterest?

11 January 2019


Video Interview Automation - A Step Forward or a Sign of Disinterest?

​So I'm all for technological advances, especially within the Recruitment world but what get's to me sometimes is the thought process that Technology, Automation and the dehumanisation of key steps within the process is good for business.

In a recent conversation with a client, they brought me through their 'new' recruitment process which entails an initial automated video interview to be completed by the candidate in their own time. In an ever tightening talent market, why run the risk of repelling good talent by introducing a step where you lose the opportunity to SELL your business and job opportunity. Removing the human interaction, even for a split second, gives the candidate the opportunity to shift their focus to a competitor.

I get that where a high volume of interviews are common, it may make slightly more sense but for Professional recruitment, companies need to use technology to improve the backend of the process which in turn should give you more time to influence & attract the right talent.

A smooth, effective and cost-conscious recruiting process does not include one-way video interviews. Employers who turn to this talent-repelling process are missing the point of process design. They may even misunderstand recruiting, which is a sales and marketing process much more than a winnowing-out process.

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