5 Great Ways to Build a Strong Relationship With Your Recruiter

17 November 2018


5 Great Ways to Build a Strong Relationship With Your Recruiter

​So, you've decided you want to explore the jobs market, outside of aimlessly searching job boards what else should you do? Building a strong and valuable relationship with an established, expert Recruitment Consultant is key.

Read our 5 tips to building a successful relationship with your chosen partner:

1. Show up!

Whether it's for a coffee, interview preparation or an actual interview, ALWAYS show up. Not showing up will only have a negative impact for you. If you can’t make your appointment time or are unwell for work, let them know in plenty of time.

2. Follow Up

A lot of jobseekers leave the full responsibility to the consultant to reach out, be proactive and keep in contact. A (good) consultant will be highly in demand and must work with sometimes 100+ similar jobseekers. We want to help you find a job, so let your consultant know when your circumstances change. Keeping your consultant informed means you will be at the top of the list when the right opportunity comes up.

4. Be upfront, honest and realistic

From the get go, if you see yourself working with this consultant to source a new role then it’s key that you don’t play games. Be upfront, tell them what opportunity you’d like, the motivations for moving, whether or not you’re highly motivated to move or just passive. This will make everyone’s life easier. Oh and do your research on salary expectations. Being unrealistic is one of the quickest ways to limit the amount of opportunities out there for you.

7. Provide your consultant with reliable and contactable referees

This is a requirement of your employment. To start work, you need to have 2 completed reference checks. If you provide these to the recruiter at your initial meeting, then it will be more likely we can get you working ahead of the person who hasn’t provided the details of their referees. Great references go a long way!

9. Refer your friends

When you find a consultant you love to work with, consider recommending it to friends and colleagues. Great referrals help raise your profile and may inspire consultants to think of you as new job opportunities arise.

No matter where you are in the process, honesty, responsiveness and grace provide a great foundation for a solid relationship with any consultant.

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